Thursday, February 11, 2016

Having Fun

Getting back to the idea of having fun mentioned in a previous post... On our trip to Death Valley last year, I brought colored LED lights to play with.

6 Photographers on a Dune

But first, we had fun with ourselves. This was take one hundred something. Seems like it took forever to get the group just right, and then we had several shots trying to get our postures and body positions right AND keep still through a 25 second exposure.

Spinning lights on a string

Light Spheres on a Dune

That was it. Simple. Put a light on the end of a string and spin it around.

Green Light Sphere on Cow Creek

Although the lights were initially WAY too bright. Remember, these are highly sensitive exposures that pick up starlight.

For some strange reason, I had a spare white sock with me and also some tape. I cut apart the sock and taped bits of it over the light to diffuse and reduce the intensity.

The light spheres are fun, and there are probably a hundred other patterns that you can make while spinning a light on the end of a string.

Light Tornado

My favorite was the tunnel made as I spun the light in a circle in front of my body while walking towards the camera.


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