Monday, August 17, 2009

Lone Star Trail - Take Two

Way back in March, I took a short hike on the Lone Star Trail (in Sam Houston National Forest) with my sister, Lacy. We started at Double Lake and walked south on the trail for about a mile and a half. We were both taking photos, and more interested in photography than hiking.

click for larger image

This scene is of the Double Lake Branch of Big Creek, just south of Double Lake. It's off trail just a bit, and very close to the big oak I visited last year.

I've put off processing these photos for too long now. I'll have some others up soon.

Texas Highways 2010 Calendar

Following up on this post, the Texas Highways 2010 calendar is now for sale:

Here's a small view of the back cover:

My south rim sunset photo looks like it might be on February (if that order is correct).