Monday, March 16, 2015

New Workshop for Feb. 2016

NOTE: The dates have changed. See the post above.

I'm planning to hold a photography workshop in the Big Bend of Texas in February 2016. It will start on Monday, Feb. 15 and run through Saturday, Feb. 20.

The dates will place us there under dark, moonless skies when the Milky Way rises at about 4:30am each morning. We will head out very early and shoot the Milky Way and night sky, and we may stick around for sunrise if it looks good. Our days will have limited classroom time; Everyone will have several hours of free time during the day to nap and catch up on things. We will also have an afternoon outing to photograph the landscape and sunset.

The Milky Way is in a different location and orientation at this time of year as compared to the fall (when I hold my usual workshop). It will rise in the east and span over the horizon and will offer new and interesting opportunities.

Full details of this workshop are being developed, and the details will be very similar to past workshops.

Please contact me if you are interested or have questions. I'm not taking deposits at this time, but I can put you on a short list if you are seriously interested in attending.