Tuesday, December 15, 2009

November Big Bend Gallery Complete

It is done. My gallery of photos from Big Bend National Park is ready for viewing:

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I spent nearly 10 full days in the park and surrounding areas. During that time, I attended a TME (The Mindful Eye) six day photography workshop lead by Craig Tanner and Marti Jeffers.

The shooting opportunities were slightly different during this trip. Usually, my visits to the park are on my own terms, and I focus on specific areas, mostly accessible by hiking. The workshop itinerary focused mostly on the easy-to-reach, iconic locations in the park.

In project terms, this last trip was definitely a sub-project, much like my badlands project was this past March. I had a lot of opportunity and time to shoot well-known locations, something that I had not really done before.

My goal during this last trip was to shoot the easy spots and create a sense of place. The resulting collection of photos will hopefully add some balance to my larger, on-going project.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Published Work

Just a quick note to capture recent and upcoming publications:

The Friends of Big Bend National Park have used my photo below in their recent newsletter.

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This is a scene of Scarlet Gilia on the Lost Mine Trail taken in September 2007.

BigBendChat.com will publish the following four photos in their 2010 calendar:

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The photos, top to bottom, are:
- Rainbow from the South Rim, Sept. 2007
- The Window just after sunrise, Sept. 2008
- The Painted Desert (badlands near Dawson Creek), Mar. 2009
- Meteor over my tent, Mar. 2009

Many thanks to both FBB and BBC for selecting and using my Big Bend photos!

More from Big Bend

I'm still chewing through (i.e. editing and processing) the photos I took in Big Bend last month. Here are a couple more:

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The above photo was taken in Pine Canyon at the end of the trail near the pour-off. The trees had turned lovely fall shades.

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The above photo was shot near Dugout Wells on a windy, sub-freezing morning. Finding that particular clump of cactus took a long time. Fortunately all the walking warmed me up :-)

More from Big Bend later...

Snow Day

Last Friday it snowed here in Houston. Yep, that's right... SNOW in Houston.

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It didn't really stick well. There was a little accumulation in the grass and on roofs, but it quickly melted. It was fun while it happened and a lot of fun for the kids outside.

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The following morning saw a very heavy frost. I stepped out into my backyard after the sun came up and saw a lot of little, interesting ice formations.

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We don't get this kind of weather often here, so it was definitely a photo opportunity!