Wednesday, November 5, 2008

13 Months and Counting

The one year anniversary of my blog passed quietly last month. I would have posted more last month, but I've been a little more occupied than usual :-) (I'm really enjoying spending time with my boys.)

I've enjoyed blogging, and will continue to post here. I don't think I've attracted a huge group of readers, but that's okay. My blog helps me communicate with my family and friends my recent photo work and other important news. I think it serves its purpose quite well.

My wife has her own blog too that she started recently. She's not posted anything since before the baby arrived. Taking care of our boys definitely has occupied all of her time. But she definitely has some new stuff to say, I'm sure ;-)

When I started my blog, I posting just about anything. Several months ago, I steered it down a narrower path towards mostly content about photography. That's what I want right now - an outlet to display my photos and also to discuss photography. Oh, and the occasional beer review too ;-)

So, stick around. Post a comment if you'd like (it's the "..Response" link just below this). I'm looking forward to another year here!

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